For our very first cropping season we are going to use a straw mulch.  We have secured straw bales from a local neighbor.  I am estimating that the straw bales will be 18″ x 14″ x 4′ in size.  It is desired to have at least 4 inches of straw mulch covering our garlic for the winter.  We are another step closer in our preparation for planting.  In our next post I hope to have some pictures of our planting site and soil preparation efforts.

2015-2016 Hardneck Garlic Variety For This Growing Season


The picture above is from the Seed Savers Exchange website.  We were lucky enough to get our Georgian Crystal hardneck variety garlic order in prior to it being sold out.  This is the variety that will be growing at the Iowa Garlic Farm this year.  .  Georgian Crystal is described as,

From the Gatersleben Seed Bank (#6819), also known as Cichisdzhvari, beautiful bulbs, mild flavor when raw, smooth and buttery when roasted.  Excellent storage qualities.  Hardneck, 4-6 cloves per bulb.

We are expecting 25 bulbs of this beauty to arrive later this month.  In the meantime we will be making soil and mulch preparations.